Serri Graslie

And the big cheese goes to …

A judge smells a block of cheese at the World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, Wis. Judges carefully appraise a cheese's look, smell and texture before they taste it and spit it out.

Since starting a new job at NPR’s Digital News desk, I’ve been looking forward to writing for the website outside of my daily duties on All Things Considered. I pitched my first story this week to “The Salt,” NPR’s food blog, and really couldn’t have picked a better subject: the World Championship Cheese Contest.

The event is held every two years in Madison, Wis., and is the biggest cheese contest in the world. Since I couldn’t be in Wisconsin, I watched a webcast of the final judging while monitoring comments and photos as they rolled in on Twitter and Tumblr. Of course it’s no substitute for actually being there, but it was easy to do a fairly detailed write-up anyway.

I was happy to see the story do quite well on, Facebook and Tumblr. Lots of people love cheese!

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